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The problem with writing an introduction lies in having to condense a lengthy description of yourself into several paragraphs. Right now, as my fingers glide over the keys, I ask myself what a reader would find interesting about me. What would they like to know?

Here’s my introduction:

It’s no secret to most of you that my name is Shayanne Nicholas. But not many of you are aware of the fact that my journey as a writer/poetess began at the age of four.

I adored magic back then. I still do. And my love for fiction refused to waver, even as I grew up and realized that life wasn’t a fairytale. The more I learnt of this world, the more I wished for the worlds from the books to be real. I was so unhappy that I began to write, hoping that I’d be able to “escape” from my reality.

It’s not like I had a particularly rough childhood. Initially, my parents weren’t the most supportive of my ambitions, but that all changed eventually. Even so, I was always full of this strange need to please everyone around me. It got to the point where I was living in the dreams of others, because I was too scared to trust my heart.

After all, the world always tells you that you’ll suffer if your grades aren’t that great. And isn’t it society that tells you to abandon your dreams?

But, at the same time, are you truly living if your goals aren’t really your own?

Does living equate to numbers? The scores on that last test you took, the digits on the scale, and the figures you’re bringing in with your job – do these things define your life?

Perhaps I sound incredibly naïve, but I am a person with a dream.

I dream of writing stories which resonate with my readers. I dream of comforting the lost by offering them a temporary refuge from the tempest which they must soon brave. I dream of loving, and though I am uncertain of being loved in return, I shall never stop dreaming.

And I will leave behind a legacy of my own.

Though darkness may cloud my vision, I will believe.
In times of despair and indecision, I will breathe.
And though hurt may my soul imprison, I will succeed.
And just as a phoenix is birthed from the ashes,

so shall my body be set free
from the shackles that restrain me,
for am I not worthy?
                                                                               | Worthy.

My name is Shayanne Nicholas, and this is my story. That’s my introduction.

Welcome to my blog!

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