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Comfort Playlist


Self-isolation isn’t driving me as crazy as I thought it would. If I’ve managed to retain any semblance of sanity, it’s because I’ve relied on music to bear me through these tedious weeks. I’m sure you must’ve done the same? And even if you haven’t, I’m going to take this opportunity to share some of the songs from my comfort playlist

eaJ - 50 Proof

“Do you still wake to sunsets
and eat home alone
watching the moonrise
 asking on and on
what’s gone wrong?”

What I love about the eaJ project is that most of its releases appeal to the worn, the weary, and the lost. There’s an inexplicable warmth in eaJ’s voice, which is able to lull the most troubled of minds to sleep. 

There comes a time in our lives when we stumble upon a voice so beautiful and unique that we find ourselves rendered speechless. And I’ve found it.

Although the journey ahead won’t be easy, 50 proof is much like a gentle embrace. As I slip on my headphones and listen to this release, I feel as though I am alone yet not entirely so. And the comfort that it provides makes me realize that I am happy in my momentary solitude. 

Phum Viphurit - Hello, Anxiety

“Heaven knows you’re lost;
but you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.
Heaven knows we’re lost;
but the sun still shines, we’ll be fine.”

Viphurit’s EP is a relatively undiscovered goldmine of indie music. There’s a total of four songs on Bangkok Balter Club, and Hello, Anxiety just happens to be my favorite.

I’m a relatively anxious person, and I get scared with ease. But Hello, Anxiety is a gentle reminder that it’s okay to not be fine. Because you won’t be lost forever. There’ll come a day when everything falls into place, and then, you’ll realize that you found your way back home. 

RM - everythingoes ft. Nell

“Just like the night leaves and the morning comes
The spring leaves and summer comes, but
Just like the flower wilts and the fruit grows ripe
Everything needs to go through pain.”

It’s impossible to dislike RM. I’ve been an avid fan of his work ever since I heard of him, and mono. is his “playlist” of original music. ‘Mono.’ is an exploration of loneliness and honesty, and RM bares his soul for the rest of the world to see. 

everythingoes is one of the playlist’s more uplifting tracks. It refers to the manner in which nothing in life is permanent. The hardships that one faces on their journey will end eventually, and everythingoes encourages us to “embrace the world” for what it is, for our pain shall pass, quite like the flowing wind. 

Sufjan Stevens - Futile Devices (Doveman Remix)

“And I would say I love you
But saying it out loud is hard
So I won’t say it at all
And I won’t stay very long
But you are life I needed all along…”

Most of Stevens’ recent releases have been dreamy, and the Doveman Remix of Futile Devices is no exception. It’s short and sweet, leaving you longing for more. And listening to it really does feel as though you’re being lowered onto a bed of feathers.

If you ever find yourself struggling to sleep at night, Futile Devices is probably your best bet. The sense of security and the comfort that it provides from such a tender sound is incredible.

For now, these songs are all I have to offer, but I’ll be back with more soon, so stay tuned!


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