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The Wonder of You

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Lately, I’ve managed to get myself into a bit of a creative rut. What I’ve been writing feels subpar, and it drives me nuts because I know that I’m capable of so much more, but I’m stuck here. I suppose you could say that it feels as though you’re desperately clawing at something that seems so far away.

In the midst of this listlessness, I asked myself one very important question: why did I start writing in the first place?

And, in all seriousness, there’s no concrete answer to that. At times, it feels as though writing is a way for me to express my thoughts, but almost immediately after, I recall how I often think of my small platform as a way of providing comfort to my followers. There are also times when I rely on poetry to convey what I struggle to say to those who are important to me. 

But it’s in this state of quiet contemplation that I sought inspiration, only to realize that perhaps it had never left me at all. 

My friends tell me that my poetry “shines” (their words, not mine) when I speak of those whom I love. And it is those feelings of admiration and gratitude that led to the creation of this piece, titled The Wonder of You.  

Decorative Image with a poem of mine, titled 'The Wonder of You'

If the light of the sun sought solace in the heart of one
who loves with no restraint, surely it’d find a home
in the warmth of your love, for the softness of your smile
would surely bid it to stay for a while.
And would the sun not offer to love you in secret?
Would the moon not shine upon only you in earnest?
Would the stars not offer to paint you in silvers and blues?
Would the sky not paint its canvas in your gentle hues?
Would dwindling night not become morning light
at the sound of your voice?
 Would all of nature not love you with such conviction as I?
For thou art a wonder to behold, golden in mine eye.

Decorative divider of a sunflower

I wouldn’t call it a lyrical masterpiece, but as I reread these lines, I find myself feeling quite warm. This is a piece that, to me, radiates joy, wonder, and love. 

I will treasure this piece in the depths of my heart, and I will continue to cherish the one who inspired these feelings of tenderness. 

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