Shayanne Nicholas (2)

If someone were to ask me who I was, I don’t believe that I’d have a straightforward answer to their question. Because the truth is, I’m still in the process of figuring myself out. Right now, I’m a university student (who just so happens to live on a tropical island), with a penchant for writing. I also dream of being both renowned and loved for my work.

I’d call myself ambitious, for my dreams are great in number. But my fear of disappointing (and being disappointed) ensures that I live with modest expectations. And though I certainly am no rarity, I like to believe that I’ve got a bit of a spark in me. It’s what helps me keep myself afloat, and though drowning does seem inevitable at times, I try my best to remain optimistic. Amor fati. 

[If you’re wondering what ‘Amor fati’ is, it’s a Latin phrase which describes an attitude where one believes that all circumstances (both good and bad) are necessary. Such circumstances elicit sorrow and joy, emotions of utmost importance which assist in facilitating one’s growth.] 

As a part of a musically inclined family though, I’d say that music has always played a significant role in my life. It’s become more of a lifeline lately, bearing myself through days that are both hectic and chaotic. Right now, I’m more of a casual keyboardist and a vocalist, but I always tell myself that I’d like to learn the guitar someday. Writing lyrics is just a hobby of mine (for now).

I’m also a part of the INFP-T personality group. We’re creative and passionate idealists who seek harmony, and we just might be the most open-minded of individuals you’ll ever meet! And according to the enneagram test, I fall under the Type Two category. 

While I’m a fan of both romance and comedy, I do enjoy reading tragedies. Perhaps it’s because I’m of the firm belief that there exists beauty amidst sorrow? I must also confess that I am ever so fond of horror, but that fondness only manifests once several days have passed since the first reading. Until then, I struggle with falling asleep at night. Entirely my own fault, yes. 

Though it’s far too soon to hope for a wish as this to be granted, I do look forward to the day in which this blog will become a shelter/refuge to its readers. By reading my penned thoughts, I hope you realize that you’re not alone in your struggles, and that you’re more capable than even you believe yourself to be.