Book cover depicting a feather with its title 'DREAM'.

“There’s a shift in her mind, and inspiration strikes when she least expects it. All at once, hues of a soft mauve and a gentle marigold swirl around her fingertips, gradually bleeding into the formerly forsaken sky.”

Written by Shayanne Nicholas, with illustrations by Emma M. U., DREAM is a debut collection of fictitious works which delve into the themes of romance, escapism, longing, and society.

In this book, one may stumble upon works which convey the writer’s innermost thoughts of doubt and uncertainty, whilst exploring the realms of both fantasy and reality.

Banner depicting a feather with the title of S.R. Nicholas' book, titled 'DREAM'.


Seasonal Reflections: Spring
Dedicated to my muse, whose gentle demeanour and compassionate heart paint my monochrome universe in shades of pastel pink and blue.
For those who feel as though they do not belong in the worlds which they inhabit.
For those who have been drawn apart with the passage of time, only to realise that their hearts beat as one.
A Letter to a Stranger
Dedicated to those who impose harsh standards upon themselves.
A vision of the past in the form of a person.

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