A Letter to a Stranger

A Letter to a Stranger

Does an unfathomable galaxy
not reside within those tired eyes?
Which sparkle so brilliantly
under shifting light?

Has the moon not sought solace
in the corners of your wistful smile?
And has the sun not obtained refuge
in the depths of your beating heart,
only for a while?

Can you not see that
the stars have aligned to form
unending constellations
within the cracks of your
weary soul?

Are you not beautiful?
And are you not unique?
Why must you lower your gaze
and let your soul
be filled with defeat?

Must worldly standards
overwhelm you?
And be the source of your misery
until the end of time?

by enforcing such hatred
upon your delicate form,
and by denying yourself
of the love that you are worthy of,
are you not committing a crime?

I think that, in the end, self-love is the most powerful love of all. 🌹
It’s quite difficult to embark on the journey of loving yourself, for it doesn’t happen overnight. The path is not an easy one to take, and it is always filled with brambles and thorns to stop you from moving through.

Still, it starts with the little things that you berate yourself for. It starts with the act of forgiving yourself for all that you’ve done.
You have to be kind. You deserve better. 🌻

This is what prompted the creation of A Letter to a Stranger.

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08/05/2019 – 10/05/2019

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