Act I: Fragment XIII, XIV, XV & XVI.

Fragment XIII
A distant voyager of the stars,
I hear his voice echo in my heart,
and it soothes me when
I find myself falling apart.

Fragment XIV
Away from reality, I tell him that his embrace is safe,
and he responds by placing a tender kiss
on the nape of my neck.

Fragment XV
In the orchard of moon-blossoms, soft grass, and sparking dew,
we kiss with reckless abandon, and exchange tales, only but a few
of the worlds we’ve known and of those we wish we knew.

Fragment XVI
We know that our happiness cannot last forever,
for nothing is endless or eternal, not now, not ever.

Alas, if I could stop myself from longing for his existence, I would. But I cannot, for he comforts my weary soul, and I return to his embrace to feel whole.🌌
And if I could escape into the world of my dreams, I don’t suppose I’d ever return to this cruel reality. 🌌

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16/05/2019 – 22/05/2019.

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