Act I: Fragment XVII, XVIII, XIX & XX.

Fragment XVII
By chance, I find him in pain, and I see him slain
in a fragmented vision of the past,
and for a while, he refuses to meet my gaze
with his bedimmed eyes downcast.

Fragment XVIII
I ask him where it hurts, and he points at his wrist,
his arms, his lips, his chest, and his fingertips.

So I caress his skin,
softly murmuring praise
when I find him listening,
and he leans toward my touch
with his lustrous eyes glistening.

Fragment XIX
One day,
he tells me that he might not be human,
and that he is willing to bid me adieu,
for he believes himself to no longer be
the person whom I once knew.

Fragment XX
But I kiss his wrist, and say that
his love has always been true,
and he blushes silver, as he
shimmers in shades of ivory and blue.

Been feeling rather lost lately. Lost and lonely, whilst longing for more. But, this too shall pass. 🌻 For no darkness lasts forever, and no pain is eternal. And as I long for all which has been deemed unattainable, I find myself drawn to you.

I will love you with every fibre of my being. 🌌

Writing has always been a particularly therapeutic endeavour, both to and for myself. Truthfully, I cannot envision a world in which I am not so eager to write down the cacophony of thoughts in my mind. The ‘Child of the Stars’ concept was born out of a longing for something more, a desire to be understood, and an ache for affection.

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25/05/2019 – 03/06/2019.

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