Act I: Fragment XXI, XXII, XXIII & XXIV.

Fragment XXI
His pain intensifies, and his form grows faint,
but through wretched sobs, he never once
utters a word of complaint.

Fragment XXII
His starry eyes grow dim,
and his warmth fades away,
but with each laboured breath,
he implores me to stay.

Fragment XXIII
But I must depart, and cease my wandering
as I force ourselves to part, so I may return to my pondering
in the world from whence I came, my reality,
where dreams have no name, and death is a finality.

Fragment XIV.
There comes a time when all of us must die,
and the past must be left behind,
and life after that remains uncertain,
for my lover’s presence is nocturnal.

I began this series in April, and it’s still so difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that it’ll be complete by the end of September. Though it’s taken me quite a while to upload the rest of the fragments, I promise you that they’ll be posted soon!

Whoever you may be, I hope that my writing is able to grant you with some temporary solace from your reality.

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06/06/2019 – 15/06/2019.

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