Image containing the text of a poem titled 'Divinity', which could be read below:


If I could reach into the depths of your heart,
and sate your longing with my boundless love,
would the Heavens sanctify these curious desires,
and vow to keep ourselves from drifting apart?

If I may lustrate my soul in these baptismal waters,
and seek redemption in the sacred sanctity of your smile,
would earthly temptation recede, and evil no longer defile
the soul of one who is both blind and wild,
but dreaming of all which they may find
in pursuit of the distant divine?

I wrote Divinity whilst mulling over the beauty of Utada Hikaru’s 誓い (Vow/Oath). It sounds heavenly, and there’s a sense of longing that has been intensified in the prettiest of ways. 💕

But hello everyone! It’s been a while since we last met, and I do hope that all of you are doing quite well.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of webtoons in my spare time. I’ll probably post a ton of reviews on my website, so please look forward to some of my humble recommendations!

Thank you for reading my work!  🌻

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Originally posted on 04/07/2019.

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