Act I: Fragment I, II, III & IV.

Fragment I
I dream of a boy with the stars in his eyes,
aligning constellations in these vast night skies.

Fragment II
There is no one with him. He is alone,
and he tells me that my company
is all he’s ever known.

Fragment III
He sings of the stars, and he speaks of the moon,
and with the arrival of each day, I come to yearn
for the passing of noon,
for that is when I sleep,
and when my slumber is deep.

Fragment IV
His hands are gloved, “for protection”, as he says,
but his warmth can never be forgotten,
as it lingers for days.

Copil al Stelelor is Romanian for “Star Child”, or “Child of the Stars”. It’s the title of a personal project that I’ve been working on for a while now. Collectively, the ‘fragments’ will relate the story of a lonely existence, who is able to seek solace in the embrace of an ethereal being.

The image that I have in mind of my star child is quite vivid and wonderful. With the completion of each fragment, leading to the completion of the poem itself, you’ll be able to visualise him quite clearly.

And I speak so fondly of my ‘star child’, as his existence was brought forth from the inspiration given to me by my muse.
I have a question for you. As a creative person, do you have a muse? Is there someone who, or something that inspires you?

04/04/2019 – 20/04/2019.

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