Act I: Fragment IX, X, XI & XII.

Fragment IX
To me,
his world gleams both silver and blue,
a divine admixture of every glorious hue,
and he stands, bold and beautiful, in the midst of it all,
eager and desperate for the sound of my call.

Fragment X
He speaks of the future, for his past is unknown,
and the mere recollection of it, would elicit the softest moan.

Fragment XI
I suspect that he remembers, for at these times
I find him pained and burdened by hate,
but I tell him that I love him,
and that I am willing to wait.

Fragment XII
A stranger by sunrise, and a lover by nightfall,
he cries in my arms, ever so fragile and ever so small.
But I know that he shines brighter than any other,
for he is the strongest of all,
my tender-hearted star lover.

Entrapped in my thoughts, I find myself longing for those who don’t exist, and for those whom I may never reach, for they are beyond my fingertips. 🌻🌷

I have become far more than I ever believed myself to be, and now, I realise that strength lies in this journey of learning to be free. It begins with the smallest of steps, and ends with a revelation. It is to see, hear, and breathe. 🌌

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07/05/2019 – 14/05/2019.

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