Lonely is the boy who remains perched on the balcony railing,
for his head is hung low, and his breathing is far too quiet and slow,
to be normal.

Clad in black and white alike,
his face is young, and his features are childlike.

I like him best at noon,
for the raindrops pelt his skin and drench his clothing,
leaving him defenceless, frightened, and soaking.
Yet, he sings with little remorse, and with a smile that’s far too blinding
for me to fully comprehend.

Lonely is the boy who remains perched on the balcony railing,
the one who extends his slender arms towards the sun,
and who cries bitterly over his inability to run
and be free.

I watch him lie awake at night,
gazing in wonder at the constellations adorning the sky,
with twinkling eyes, and with a head held high.

He is unaware of my presence,
and I continue to watch him face the demons lurking inside
the recesses of his haunted and stubborn mind.

 Lonely is the boy who remains perched on the balcony railing,
for he has died an untimely death, and now remains
entrapped in an eternity that occurs
prior to one’s final breath.

He is my lover, my friend, and my foe,
the spirit of all those whom
I’ve loved once before,
and indeed, it seems as though
he’ll cease to exist,
and never be missed,
when I have laid all of my fears,
and all of my sorrows
to rest.

It’s with remarkable ease that we are able to find poems and short-stories of the horror genre, most of which are so well-written that we are able to envision the events which ensue quite vividly.
Unfortunately, I am not a poet with an understanding of the horror genre. (I’m quite a scaredy-cat, mind you)
Because of that, I opted for a different approach.

Who is the boy in ‘Haunting’?

I’ll leave that up to your interpretation. He could be a ‘mirror’ of the narrator (myself), he could be the narrator’s animus, and he could even be a spirit of the past. He is all that you wish for him to be, and at the same time, he is nothing at all.

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15/05/2019 & 17/05/2019.

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