Image containing the text of a poem titled 'Parting', taken from Shayanne's debut collection of poetry, titled 'DREAM'. Text can be read below:


It is through time and recollection
that we have diverged
in thought and in action,
for you are of the sun, and I am of the moon,
and our union has been destined
to invoke eclipses of chaos
upon the worlds we once knew.

in the midst of separation,
we shall reign supreme
in worlds that are not quite our own.

in the midst of this despair and defeat,
let our souls intertwine and meet
at the end of the day’s crossroads,
where we’ll listen to our hearts beat.

Parting is one of the few pieces that’ll be included in my upcoming book! 🥀
Going through a difficult time at school, I turned to writing for comfort, and I built a home for myself in the land of dreams. 

Now, school is nothing but a bad memory of the past, and I’ve managed to leave it behind. But, on lonely nights, I can’t help but return to the world of dreams, for nothing is ever as it seems.

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