Seasonal Reflections: Spring

Artwork by Emma M. U., depicting a hand grasping a branch of spring-blossoms.
Art by Emma M. U.
Image containing the text of a poem titled 'Seasonal Reflections: Spring', taken from Shayanne's debut collection of poetry, titled 'DREAM'. Writing may be found below image:

Seasonal Reflections: Spring

Spirit of spring,
thou hast captivated the depths of my heart
with thy bountiful offering
of beauteous blossoms
and saccharine fragrances,
that I may now refer to thee
as the gentle bearer
of my beating heart.

I came up with ‘Seasonal Reflections’ entirely on a whim, in which I dedicated four poems to four pivotal figures in my life.

The wonderful and extremely hard-working Emma M. U. offered to illustrate all four pieces for me to include in my debut collection of fictitious works, titled ‘Dream’.
Spring fills me with a sense of tenderness and resolve, determination and love. Though I cannot say their name, my “spirit of spring” is my muse. They have been my source of inspiration for the longest period of time.

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